Our 60 year anniversary celebration continues with another staff interview. This week we met with Tom Nguyen, VP of Business Development, M/L, to discuss Inventus Power's expanding portfolio of advanced battery systems as well as the launch of our PROformance Series, a new standard Li-ion battery platform for motive and stationary applications. Learn how these new products and capabilities are a game-changer for a wide array of market applications and the future of Inventus Power.

Tom N_Inventus Power_cropCan you tell us about your role as VP, Business Development, M/L Technology, Commercial & Industrial?

Tom:  I've been in the battery industry for 16 years, and as VP of Business Development, M/L, I’m responsible for product strategy and business development for our medium/large format battery packs and power systems. Our end goal is to serve the global market with our standard product offering and custom solutions with a focus on safety, quality, service, and performance.

Many markets are moving away from the lead-acid or internal combustion engine to lithium-ion battery technology. What are some of the markets that Inventus Power can now service?

Tom:  Our core markets are medical, military, commercial, and industrial. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured Li-ion battery solutions for a wide range of applications within these markets, including those transitioning from lead acid to Li-ion such as battery backup units (BBUs) in data centers and medical carts.

By leveraging our decades of experience in lithium-ion battery technology and robust engineering capabilities, we have continued to move up the power curve and are developing more complex solutions to support lead acid conversion or, in some cases, complete electrification of power systems. Some of these new markets we are serving include:

  • Outdoor Power Equipment (commercial lawnmowers, turf equipment)
  • Mobile Electric Work Platforms (scissor lifts, boom lifts)
  • Professional Cleaning (floor scrubbers, robotic cleaners)
  • Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (golf, personal burden carrier)
  • Material Handling (forklifts, pallet jacks)
  • E-Mobility (electric wheelchairs, scooters)

Back in March, you provided highlights from exhibiting at MODEX and spoke about a new line of modular batteries that Inventus Power is developing into a standard solution. Can you share any updates about this new product offering?

Tom:  This week we officially launched our PROformance Series Li-ion battery platform. This new standard offering includes two product families: U1LiFePRO™ (scalable from 12V to 48V and up to 5kWh) and PROTRXion™ (scalable from 24V to 48V and up to 35kWh). These products were designed for motive and stationary applications and offer a maintenance-free, robust, and flexible battery solution that outperforms lead acid in terms of safety, intelligence, and reliability. Our PROformance solution also leads to a smaller carbon footprint, higher productivity from the application, a lower total cost of ownership to the customer, and an improved user experience. We are excited to finally bring this new standard offering to the market.

Inventus Power_PROformance_announcement_finalCan you talk about some of the investments being made to support the design and development of the PROformance Series platform and other medium/large format batteries?

Tom:  Inventus Power’s standard and custom products are fully designed and developed in-house and have endured rigorous environmental and regulatory testing to ensure their performance meets the expectations of OEMs and end users. Inventus Power has made significant investments in R&D, marketing, and automated manufacturing to help deploy high-quality, reliable, and high-performance solutions to the market. We have also developed new patented technology which has been incorporated into our latest PROformance portfolio and is fully scalable across both families of PROTRXion and U1LiFePRO batteries. This new technology further differentiates our products from anything else that is available today.

Where do you hope to see Inventus Power in the next few years, specifically in the medium and large format battery space?

Tom:  In the next few years, I expect that Inventus Power will become a global market leader in both motive and stationary backup power with an expanded portfolio of standard solutions. We’ve done a great job of understanding customer challenges and issues with present lead-acid technology to develop our current platform of Li-ion battery solutions. We will further invest in our R&D and infrastructure to help expand our product roadmap for next-generation offerings, especially as more applications become autonomous. I look forward to introducing these new robust and intelligent battery systems to the global market.