Today, February 18th is National Battery Day! While it is not an observed national holiday, it is a significant day for Inventus Power because it commemorates the birthday of the Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta, who is known for inventing the first electric battery!

Many years have passed since Volta developed the first battery, referred to as the “voltaic pile” back in 1800, but his invention progressed the field of science into a whole new level of discoveries and technologies. In fact, in recognition of Volta’s contribution, the unit of electric potential is called the “volt”.

At Inventus Power, we thank Volta for being a true innovator of his day. He is an inspiration to our company who has been on the cutting edge of battery technology for nearly 60 years. Our team of 300+ degreed engineers are constantly exploring new cell chemistries and technologies that will innovate power solutions and propel invention among our OEM partners.

Happy National Battery Day!

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Julie Cronin, Marketing Communications Specialist