Our Technical Marketing Director wrote an article for ees International – The Electrical Energy Storage Magazine (April 2017) that explores backup power options available for medical computer carts.

Medical CartThe use of antiquated Lead Acid batteries to power medical computer carts, often called Computers on Wheels (COWs) or Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) can lead to costly inefficiencies for both practitioners and maintenance staff. However, there is also a large segment of medical equipment that is intended to use batteries as backup power only and the battery is intended for use as a backup or when the device is being moved around the hospital. Medical equipment tends to follow one of a few different use models for portable power. One-time use, disposable products use conventional alkaline batteries. Portable devices, which require light weight, small size and long run times, have largely adopted Li-ion battery technology.

Examples of these larger, mostly stationary devices include X-ray equipment, hospital gurneys and computer carts. These devices have typically been designed for use with Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries because it is extremely inexpensive and widely available. Despite the prevalence of SLA battery use, there are some disadvantages to using this technology for portable medical equipment applications... Read full article

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