They’re virtually everywhere from cell phones to laptops. They are what makes personal devices portable and cordless. Systems so advanced that they can electrify cars, or even pump a heart. Batteries. Can you imagine modern society without them? February 18th is National Battery Day, and as the global leader in advanced battery systems, it's a huge deal for us here at Inventus Power.

At their core, batteries change chemical energy into electricity by allowing electrons to travel from one chemical substance to another, thus providing electrical current. Batteries have come a long way since their inception in 1800. Alessandro Volta, an Italian scientist, is considered the inventor of the battery. In fact, the term we use to describe electric potential, "volt," derives from his last name.

At Inventus Power, we thank Volta for being a true innovator of his day. He is an inspiration to our company who has been on the cutting edge of battery technology for 60 years. Today, we specialize in lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology and find that Li-ion rechargeable batteries are now extending far beyond providing the power for small, portable devices, but increasing adoption across larger mobile and stationary uses. Inventus Power's vast application expertise, engineering capabilities, and global manufacturing resources allow us to deliver reliable, safe, and innovative power solutions across these existing and emerging markets. 

Whether demand is being driven by global initiatives such as reducing the carbon footprint or the need to improve performance and functionality of modern devices in today’s information age, this could not be a better time for the battery. Inventus Power is honored to contribute the further advancement of battery technology as well as the future innovations that we will help power. Happy National Battery Day!

At our Corporate Headquarters, we celebrated by giving away battery shaped cookies to all employees!

Inventus Power_Battery Day_Cookies