World of ConcreteJames Getzen from our Business Development Team attended World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada this month. This annual event showcases the latest products related to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. Check out our brief interview with James to gain some insight on this industry event.

What were your reasons for attending World of Concrete?

James: Inventus Power partners with OEMs of commercial construction equipment to integrate lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery solutions to support the electrification of next gen equipment and retrofitting of existing rental equipment used in the aftermarket space. Our new standard TRX-ion & U1-PWR modular batteries are a perfect drop-in solution for both OEM and aftermarket channels and this show was a great opportunity to learn about possible new applications for these products.

What were the main industry topics presented or products that were of interest to you at the event?

James: At Inventus Power, we are becoming more involved with the conversion of combustion engine industrial equipment to battery power. We had a keen interest in learning about companies involved in indoor/outdoor construction, light load hauling, and utility vehicles. These two areas of construction equipment present the most immediate opportunity for lithium conversion.

 What type of technology trends are taking place within the commercial industry that would be relevant to Inventus Power?

James:  Many companies are starting to transition away from combustion engines due to the stringent government regulations on zero-emissions and the need for a greener environment. Several OEMs are in the process or are taking steps toward battery-powered technology. Currently, we are seeing the most traction with professional power tools, light duty construction, load hauling equipment, off-road utility vehicles, and commercial light towers.

Why should industry OEMs consider partnering with Inventus Power to design and manufacture the battery-powered system for their commercial equipment application?

James:  Inventus Power has 60 years of industry experience designing & manufacturing advanced battery systems across a broad range of applications. We have the resources and capabilities needed to develop high-performance battery solutions and can support a worldwide customer base through our global manufacturing footprint. We have earned the trust of the world’s largest brands to help transition their motive equipment from combustion engine Li-ion battery power and have made significant investments in our engineering, product development and manufacturing capabilities to support the continued growth of medium-to-large format batteries for various motive applications.


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