Inventus Power, a global leader in advanced battery systems, announced today that it has achieved UL 2271 & IEC 62619 certification on its portfolio of PROTRXion™ lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. UL 2271 is a standard offered by UL, a global safety science organization, for battery products at the cell, module, and pack level to ensure safe use in a variety of light motive or transportation related applications. IEC 62619 specifies the requirements and tests for safe operation of rechargeable cells and batteries for use in industrial applications.

Inventus Power’s PROTRXion lithium-ion batteries were designed to address various market electrification needs not being met through power sources such as combustion engine, lead acid batteries, and other conventional technologies. Targeting key markets like material handling, aerial work platform, low speed electric vehicles, robotics, and professional cleaning, the PROTRXion line offers a new standard in safety, intelligence, reliability and performance.

“Safety is a top priority for Inventus Power. When developing batteries, we ensure that they are safe and reliable for their intended application by testing and certifying to global UL and IEC standards, said Phu Tran, Director of Global Product Management at Inventus Power. “PROTRXion batteries were designed to power applications that operate within harsh environments and are subject to fluctuating temperatures, shock, vibration, exposure to the elements, etc. Achieving UL 2271 & IEC 62919 certification provides assurance to our global OEM & aftermarket customers that these batteries are safe to use in light electric vehicles.”

Inventus Power’s portfolio of PROTRXion Li-ion batteries includes 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V options that are scalable to address different market needs and related duty cycles for each end application. The PROTRXion line features high quality components and materials including tier one automotive grade cells and has been awarded several U.S. patents for its electrical and mechanical designs.

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