Inventus Power, a global leader in advanced battery systems, announced today that it has expanded its standard product offering to include a platform of high-performance, Li-ion batteries for emerging motive and stationary applications. The PROformance series includes two product families; U1LiFePRO™ batteries which are scalable from 12V to 48V and up to 5kWh and PROTRXion™ batteries which are scalable from 24V to 48V and up to 35kWh. All models have been globally certified to UL, IEC and UN38.3.

For 60 years, Inventus Power has been trusted by the world’s leading brands to design and manufacture safe, innovate and reliable battery and power solutions across a broad range of applications. “Over the past few years, there has been a shift within the rechargeable battery landscape and new markets are creating an increased demand for Li-ion solutions,” says Tom Nguyen, VP of Business Development. “With our PROformance series platform, we are helping customers replace their Lead Acid battery systems with a safe, high-performing, fast charging, and maintenance-free solution. These batteries also enable full power system conversion for OEMs who are looking to electrify their equipment completely from internal combustion engine to battery-power.”

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Inventus Power’s PROformance series batteries are ideal for heavy-duty applications such professional cleaning, aerial work platform, light electric vehicle, robotics and more. Each module features an Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) designed with enhanced safety and communication options and is scalable for series and/or parallel connections for increased power and performance.

“The battery system intelligence of our PROformance batteries is a key differentiator, says William Tenorio, Sr. Director of Advanced Battery Systems Engineering. “Leveraging our decades of experience in BMS design and taking into account VOC from a variety of markets, we developed a patented solution that addresses customers’ major painpoints relating to safety, intelligence, ruggedness and performance.”

The PROformance BMS includes built-in diagnostics that enable monitoring of State-of-Charge (SOC), State-of-Health (SOH) as well as critical faults through an LED indicator. “No additional hardware or master BMS is needed for diagnostics and any upgrades can be made remotely over CAN through software updates,” continues Tenorio. Additional features of the battery series include short circuit and reverse polarity protection, advanced cell and pack module balancing, ingress protection (IP56/IP65), and compatibility with most off-the shelf chargers.

“Our new PROformance Series platform is ideal for OEMs who are looking for a robust, innovative and flexible battery solution without having to incur the additional development costs and lead times that are associated with a fully custom design,” continues Nguyen. “These products have tested very well in field trials and we are excited to finally bring this new standard to market."

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