Inventus Power today announced the launch of its new line of Universal Power Supplies with GaN technology, designed for both Medical & ITE applications. This new platform of power supplies is part of Inventus Power's Elpac brand which is known in the industry for quality and reliability. All new models in the lineup feature Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors which enable better overall performance within a smaller, lighter footprint compared to legacy models containing silicon carbide (SiC). Inventus Power's initial offering includes a 65W fixed output voltage series as well as an adjustable voltage power delivery product, the XWA065 Series and XWA065 PD Series respectively. All of the models in both series fully comply with medical and commercial standards IEC 60601 and IEC 62368.

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First platforms: highly reliable 65W fixed and 65W adjustable voltage power delivery products

"Our 65W models are some of the smallest sizes in the market, and more cost competitive too. They deliver a host of unprecedented performance and safety features that will help drive quality and competitiveness, especially for our medical devices OEM customers," commented Dr. Navid Riazmontazer, Product Manager-Project Engineering Manager at Inventus Power.

In addition to a more compact size, the new models are ultra-safe with an extremely low leakage current and high EMI performance. "From a safety perspective, these products have tested to a level of less than 65 uA—far more protective than the industry standard of 100uA. Further, our power supplies, with a remarkable 6dB margin in Conducted Emissions (CE) and Radiated Emissions (RE) testing, offer unmatched advantages for medical applications. By surpassing a minimum compliance level of 3dB, they ensure superior performance in mitigating emissions and reducing the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI), complying with stringent regulatory standards. These power supplies enhance system-level EMI/EMC performance, minimizing disruptions, malfunctions, and false readings in critical medical applications." continued Dr. Riazmontazer.

Further along an impressive list of in-demand specs includes IP22 ingress protection against water, dust and dirt; full RoHS compliance; DOE Level VI energy efficiency and a comprehensive, industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Units are now available for purchase through Inventus Power's authorized distribution partners, including Arrow Electronics, Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics and RS (formerly Allied Electronics).

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