An increasing number of data centers utilize cloud computing, virtualization and software-defined server technology, so the time between power failure and startup of the backup generator has shortened. As price points for supercapacitor technology decline and the standard for backup times in data centers are reduced, supercapacitors are becoming an alternative technology to Lithium-ion and lead acid batteries.

“Inventus Power is excited to announce the launch of our supercapacitor product capability for the data storage market,” said Jeff VanZwol, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “This diversification of product and technology offerings will enable Inventus Power to offer additional design options for our existing OEM customers as well as create new partnerships within the Data Storage market."

Supercapacitors feature fast discharge & rechargeability, long lifespan, maintenance-free operation, high operating temperatures and environmentally-friendly construction. They provide an opportunity to reduce total costs in the operation of a data center by reducing cooling and replacement costs. Features of one of the supercapacitor backup products that Inventus Power recently designed and launched include:

  •     Five series, one parallel design with VINATech supercapacitorsSuperCap-3Edit
  •     Discharge capability of 10W from 9.5V to 4.5V
  •     Run-time of 22 seconds
  •     Charge current of 0.5 Amps
  •     I2C Bus communication and thermal alarm pin
  •     Meets UL 810 requirements

Supercapacitors are reliable capacitance energy storage devices that offer benefits to the backup power systems that serve data centers. Inventus Power is a manufacturer for rechargeable backup power systems, including Lithium-ion batteries, battery charging, and/or power conversion functions. This additional supercapacitor design and manufacturing capability will allow Inventus Power to meet the evolving technology demands of the Data Storage market and reinforces the company’s position as the leading single-source provider of custom power solutions.

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