The Inventus Power Peer Mentoring Program provides employees with key resources to follow their Talent Development Path. By creating beneficial mentoring relationships, employees gain knowledge and build valuable relationships with other employees.

Inventus Power_Peer Mentor_V1This program pairs employees with senior management to shadow them on the daily tasks associated with a leadership role. Employees can develop their communication skills, get a clear understanding of organizational goals, and obtain the training necessary to be successful in their current position. Employees who participate in the Peer Mentoring Program are preparing for the next step in their career, with a mentor by their side.

“I was very appreciative to be part of the Peer Mentoring Program because it allowed me to contribute to the personal growth of a junior member of our team. As a manager, I was able to articulate the complex decisions made during my career, and the thought processes I followed to achieve success.”
Howie Granat | Director, Business Development Commercial, Industrial and Consumer | Inventus Power Mentor

"I learned a lot from my mentor Mark Batts. The military, engineering, and management knowledge he shared with me has truly helped me improve as a leader."
Cheryl McGee | Production Line Lead | Inventus Power Mentee

“The Peer Mentoring Program has equally benefited my personal and professional development. I have been able to troubleshoot work stoppage issues, work on procedures to prevent these issues, and practice strategic goal setting for my career."
Alexandria Ellison | HR Talent Management Partner | Inventus Power Mentee