In late June, Zhuopei Wan (Vice Mayor of Dongguan City) and Huiming Li (Qingxi Town Chief) visited our Qingxi, China location to inspect our sites’s COVID-19 prevention tactics and review status of operations.

During the meeting, Sam Kang (Vice President of Qingxi Operations) discussed the plant’s operational performance for the first half of the year as well as the disease prevention and control measures in place. Our Qingxi location had resumed production in early February after a prolonged Chinese New Year shutdown. The extended holiday was implemented by the local government to combat the spread of COVID-19. Since resuming operations, our Qingxi factory has done an excellent job at maintaining the health and safety of Inventus Power employees while ramping up production to support the increased demand of from our medical customers who have been devoted to combating the pandemic. Sam extended thanks to the municipal leaders for their full support of production resumption at our Qingxi plant.

Sam also emphasized how Inventus Power is committed to expansion within the medium to large format battery market and making necessary investments into the Qingxi factory to support the production of these larger, more complex battery systems. Morgan Zeng (Sr. Director of Qingxi Manufacturing Engineering and Asia Quality) and Ju-Jie Xia (Electronic Engineering Director) also contributed to the meeting discussion by explaining our R&D philosophy, technological innovation path and competitive advantage in battery management systems to the city leaders.

Overall, the visit was well received by the leaders of Dongguan. Zhuopei Wan was pleased with the anti-pandemic planning and safety protocol at our Qingxi site and provided favorable comments regarding the company’s business outlook to support the local economy as well as strengthen our presence within the global market.

Inventus QX Team 2