The lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery was first commercialized more than 30 years ago and today dominates the battery market as the preferred chemistry for powering a variety of portable, motive, and stationary applications. At Inventus Power, we adopted lithium-ion at an early stage, building a wealth of experience compared to companies just entering the Li-ion space or expanding from legacy battery technologies. Transitioning customers from lead-acid batteries or internal combustion engines to Li-ion electrification can be difficult. However, Inventus Power's customer-focus approach, customized software, application-specific integration, and field support make electrification a possibility for any company.

In a feature for Manufacturing in Focus, Inventus Power's Company President and Chief Executive Officer, Pat Trippel, discusses the company's role in the electrification process, its commitment to sustainability, and becoming the household name in Li-ion batteries.

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Leading Clients Through Lithium-ion Electrification [Inventus Power featured in Manufacturing in Focus]