Inventus Power is excited to participate in the 1st US Medical Battery Conference & Workshop taking place February 6-8, 2023 in Anaheim, California as part of MD&M West. This industry event is organized by Informa in partnership with Shmuel De-Leon Energy to provide educational offerings, networking opportunities, and access to vendors that will enhance one's understanding of the latest advances and innovations within the medical battery industry.

The medical device industry is ever-changing and new technology is helping to advance life-saving solutions. Batteries are a critical component of some of the advancements made to medical devices. As a global leader in advanced battery solutions with over 60 years of experience working with medical device OEMs,  Inventus Power is a trusted partner for battery and power solution needs. At this Medical Battery Conference & Workshop, our Chief Technology Officer, Chris Turner will be presenting on a few topics related to medical batteries:

Medical Battery Workshop

In this workshop, we will review the entire process of developing battery packs for medical applications.  We will start with a deep dive into battery cells by reviewing the current status (chemistry and form factor), cell roadmaps, new technology, and market forces that are causing problems for the medical industry.  We will also review design best practices for medical batteries and discuss trends from the EV industry that are starting to trickle down to the medical sector, such as designing for the prevention of cell-to-cell propagation. Finally, we’ll look at certain medical-specific requirements and their challenges, with a particular focus on autoclavable battery packs typically needed for use in surgical power tools.  We expect a very interactive session, so please come ready with questions regarding any battery-related topic of interest.  

Medical Battery Conference

Surgical power tools often require a special sterilization process involving high heat called Autoclaving.  For lithium-ion batteries, the high temperatures typically create shorter usable cycle life spans as well as safety concerns. This presentation will address specific challenges of autoclave applications to outline the impact on lithium-ion cell performance and discuss recommendations for mitigating the temperature concerns at the cell level. 

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