Inventus Power is very proud to support many of the leading healthcare companies around the world using our complete array of service capabilities to help “Power Healthcare”.  As a trusted partner to healthcare OEMs, we take our role very seriously and want to ensure that every employee who is involved in making the components for medical devices understands the critical nature of what they do and how this helps millions of people around the world.

Our Patient Priority Program is a behavior-based quality program that creates a culture of empowerment and accountability at all our manufacturing facilities that build healthcare products. This initiative revolves around the idea that we are building products for patients and we should be constantly thinking about the people who benefit from a medical device and make it our priority to ensure safety, quality and reliability.

One featured element of the program is a Patient Priority Wall that provides a real-time reminder of how what we do makes a difference to peoples lives. This wall is used as a centerpiece for all factory communications; it is where we hold daily production & line change over meetings. The wall focuses on various elements of communication.

  • Patient Testimonial Videos:  Obtained from a number of our healthcare customers, these videos play on a loop throughout our working day to remind and reinforce that everything we do saves lives.
  • Pledge to the Patient: “People are my top priority, safety and quality start with me”.  All employees sign this pledge as a commitment to say something if they see something.
  • Recognition Corner: Our culture at Inventus Power centers around our people, with a mindset of empowerment and accountability. We actively drive a recognize, respect and reward program to encourage people to speak up in the pursuit of “Patient Priority”. At all times our production leaders constantly remind and encourage the production operators the importance of what they do and encourage them if they “See Something, Say Something”.
  • Product Fact Sheets: For all medical products that we produce within our facilities, we will display product fact sheets. These serve as a visual reminder of where our components are used within the medical device and healthcare world.

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