In an article written by Anvin Joe Manadan (Sr. Electrical Engineer at Inventus Power) for Power Systems Design, learn about various design considerations for minimizing power consumption in lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs in order to increase storage life and maximize operational run time.

Many portable electronic devices use Li-ion battery packs as source of power. These devices are used and then placed in idle for varying lengths of time until the next usage. Battery packs for these devices are also placed in storage during the supply chain process until they are installed into a pairing device. The storage duration could extend from months to years and the user expects the device to turn on as soon as the battery from storage is inserted, without pre-charging.

Today’s batteries are also safer and being designed with various added features such as LEDs to indicate State of Charge (SOC), push button, etc., but these features add more electronic components to the pack and thus increases power consumption. Minimizing power consumption for the battery electronics, without compromising safety is critical. Various design considerations are discussed in this article that helps a designer minimize the power consumption in both storage and active modes while maximizing the battery usage time.

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