Gleaming floors and spotless surfaces help a business put its best foot forward. While cleaning helps to make everything look great, it is now more important than ever. The pandemic has made people extra aware of the importance of a clean environment to protect the health of the public. For any business, best practices in sanitation has certainly become a top priority.


So when it’s time to invest in new sweepers, scrubbers and vacuums, it all comes down to achieving a deep clean at the highest level of efficiency. Which is why cleaning equipment powered by fast-charging, long-lasting lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is getting noticed.

To get the job done, professional cleaning equipment needs nothing less than a durable, long-lasting power source. PROTRXion™ batteries by Inventus Power provide a high-performance solution for multiple professional cleaning applications, including walk-behind scrubbers and burnishers, ride-on sweepers and scrubbers, as well as autonomous cleaning vehicles.

Here's an overview of how PROTRXion batteries can bring a cleaning operation to the next level.

How PROTRXion overcomes “opportunity charging"

Lead-acid batteries can hold their lifecycle for years, but only when they're recharged in ideal conditions. To maximize battery life, it should be returned to the charger when it's nearly out of charge and then could take up to 10 hours to recharge. In a real-life cleaning scenario, that doesn't happen. It comes naturally to cleaning operators to plug in a scrubber during a break and at the end of the shift, whether or not the battery is ready. In the long run, this "opportunity charging" cycle shortens the overall life of lead acid batteries. The result is more frequent battery replacement and higher capital costs.

PROTRXion batteries eliminate all of these issues. They recharge in as little as 3-5 hours — at least half the time as a lead-acid battery — consuming fewer resources, thanks to PROTRXion's battery chemistry and charging algorithms that support quick charging times.

When using PROTRXion batteries, a cleaning operator can plug in a scrubbing machine for a 30-minute lunch break, and return to find that it's regained 30% of its charge. They'll feel good knowing they have enough battery life to get the job done, but without shortening overall battery life. The result is a battery system that better meets the needs of the cleaning crew, without adding to the bottom line.

How PROTRXion eliminates maintenance

Lead-acid batteries do require some hands-on maintenance. But when the equipment requires near-constant uptime, removing it from production is inconvenient and costly. Some of these tasks can include weekly watering of floor scrubbers and sweepers, monitoring the battery system’s condition to detect corrosion, and fixing connection issues.

Li-ion powered equipment eliminates all of these maintenance tasks. Simply install it and there’s no need to touch until it's time for replacement. This frees up resources to focus on more productive tasks. PROTRXion’s battery management system (BMS) can also operate with older models retrofit from lead-acid powered machines, providing an opportunity to extract more value from capital investment.

A rugged battery to withstand harsh conditions

Cleaning machines operate in less-than-ideal conditions. They're exposed to dust and grime and moisture, they operate for long hours, and sometimes, they can get banged around during transport and operation. A battery that operates professional cleaning equipment needs to be built for these tough conditions.

PROTRXion batteries were designed to withstand commercial cleaning environments. They passed a certification process that tested its response to dropping and vibration (UL 2580 / IEC 600068-2-27). Additionally, the sealed battery compartment is designed and tested to IP65 standards which locks out moisture and solvents, along with dust and dirt. This enables the battery to withstand dirt and grime built up over time when equipment is in operation, as well as any water from pressure washing when the equipment itself is being cleaned.

PROTRXion batteries can also be purchased with an optional internal heater, which can keep cleaning equipment operating even in the coldest rooms and outdoors (below -30°C).IP_proformance_semi_transparent_callouts_M-24V80-TRX (2)

Li-ion vs lead-acid: Look at the total costs

But what about the higher initial cost of Li-ion batteries compared to lead-acid? The best way to understand that value is by looking at the total cost of ownership. And when you factor in the total cost of ownership, the advantages of Li-ion overtake and exceed lead-acid’s early advantages.

Compared to lead-acid, Li-ion batteries:

  • Offer 3x faster charge & opportunity charging
  • Provide 25% longer run time
  • Have a shelf life that is twice as long 
  • Last longer; less replacement costs (1 Li-ion battery versus 3 lead-acid batteries over 5 years)  
  • Require zero maintenance

Factor the costs of ownership combined with the purchase price, and PROTRXion batteries come out 40% cheaper than lead-acid.

Cleaning_Li-ion vs LeadThe Inventus Power Difference

A robust battery management system is what reaps the full benefits and savings from the Li-ion battery. Inventus Power designs, tests and builds everything in-house. Nothing is outsourced to third-party production. We also create unique solutions to meet the needs of our clients, building on the many innovations that have come out of our more than 2,000 custom projects.

Inventus Power’s PROTRXion batteries are designed to handle the uniquely tough conditions that cleaning equipment operates in every day and overcomes issues such as opportunity charging,  poor maintenance, and harsh conditions. 

Ready to implement a new power solution for your cleaning equipment? Contact Inventus Power today.