There is a growing shift across many industries towards more energy-efficient technologies and lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology is playing a significant role in this transition as it is enabling gasoline-powered vehicles, equipment, and machinery to convert to a cleaner, more sustainable power source.  When transitioning to Li-ion from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) or lead-acid technology, many considerations need to be made in order to ensure a successful integration.  

Inventus Power_Seminar_System Integration Li-ion_V1At MODEX 2022, we presented a seminar on "System Integration with Lithium-ion Batteries" which highlighted the critical elements for ensuring the successful integration of lithium batteries into material handling equipment. A recording of this live presentation is now available with registration!

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This seminar addresses specific battery design considerations for material handling applications in order to ensure safety, intelligence, and system reliability. Additionally, Fleet Managers and Equipment Operators will better understand how the battery system they are using to power their equipment can impact performance, productivity, and total cost of their operations.

What you will learn

  • Advantages of lithium battery technology
  • Battery design considerations for material handling applications
  • System integration success factors
  • Impacts to performance, productivity, and total cost

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