In an article written by Anvin Joe Manadan (Sr. Electrical Engineer at Inventus Power) for Electronic Design, learn about various solutions and design considerations for adding USB-C Power Delivery to Lithium-ion battery packs.

USB-C provides high data transfer rates and ease of a reversible tip that the user can plug in without the need to check orientation of the cable. Power Delivery (PD) is a specification that handles high power levels up to 100W over USB. It makes it possible by allowing voltages up to 20V and currents up to 5A. USB-C PD combines the two and provides high data transfer and handles high power. This allows devices to charge quickly over a USB connection. The power can flow both ways with no direction set in the circuit, but purely depending on the devices communicating over the PD specification. USB-C and PD provide a universal charging solution for device such as laptops, phones, tablets etc. and eliminate the need to carry bulky power supplies.  This article discusses solutions to add USB-C PD to Li-ion battery packs along with the components involved.

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