Don't miss our live presentations at OCP Tech Week! Inventus Power's Howard Granat, Director, Business Development, will be presenting two sessions on battery backup solutions.

Battery Backup for HPC - Where are we heading?

Thursday, November 12 • 3:50pm - 4:15pm (PST) 

Next generation HPC (High Performance Compute) systems are being developed with new architectures to support the massive processing required. These systems are power hungry and support a wide range of processing tasks – each calling for different backup requirement.  With more HPC nodes virtualized, battery backup is more frequently located in each chassis rather than in a separate UPS system. These new battery backup solutions are scalable, more energy dense, lighter weight and safer. This session explores some key concepts of next generation modular BBU solutions – and an introduction to critical design considerations for the latest agency certifications. 

Battery Backup Considerations for 5G RAN Systems

Thursday, November 12 • 6:00pm - 6:20pm (PST) 

As next generation 5G systems are being deployed at a rapid pace, new system architectures are being developed to support the scale and decentralization of hardware that is inherent to the different frequency and bandwidth needs. The need to have RAN systems for densely populated urban environments, as well as in campus, factory, hospital, and remote industrial and agricultural areas - creates a significant power challenge for the network providers. This session will help articulate the system considerations of a 5G RAN Battery – as well as an introduction to some of the critical design parameters for the battery system itself.

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