At our Woodridge, IL USA facility, we follow an Employee Recognition, Engagement and Reward Program called "Inventus Power All Stars". In October, we recognized nine employees who demonstrate a commitment to Quality and/or exemplify our Core Values. Learn more about these All Stars below:

    • Alfredo Garza (Shop Helper) for being Customer Focused and following a “See Something, Say Something” approach. He recently recognized that a process was out of sequence and alerted management in a timely manner.
    • Jenny Suarez (Team Lead Backup) for being Always Accountable. She has a lot of responsibility on the floor and takes great pride and ownership in her work.
    • Maria Pineda Operator) for her Solid Character and being a Team Player. She is very passionate about her work and gives 110% every day to help all production shifts.
    • Abdallah Afaneh (Operator) for being Results-Driven His soldering output is well above average and error free which contributes significantly to our production goals.
    • Laticia Garcia (Operator) for her Solid Character and for being Always Accountable. She been with our company for 22 years and is a model employee.
    • Aida Rashid (QA Inspector) for being Team Oriented. She is constantly going above & beyond her QA duties to help others when needed.
    • Noel Torres (Operator) for having Solid Character. He has exceptional work ethic and a great role model for others.
    • Raquel Kavan (SMT Technician) for being Always Accountable. She plays an integral role in ensuring the SMT Department runs smoothly.
    • Eric Johnson (Team Lead Backup) for being Team Oriented. He has been trained on all products that are built in Woodridge and is now great resource for the team.

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