At Inventus Power we want to ensure that we offer a work environment that welcomes people of all different cultures and backgrounds. Recently employees at our Woodridge headquarters created a Culture Club and we sat down with Staci Friedman, HR Generalist and club leader, to learn all about it.

Tell us a little bit about the Inventus Power Culture Club.

Staci:  The Culture Club was founded as a way to represent all of the cultures in the company and bring everyone together. Our mission is to create more visibility of the diverse backgrounds of our employees and recognize one another’s cultural identities.

What inspired the creation of this club?

Staci:  As an international company, we pride ourselves on our employee diversity. At our headquarters in Woodridge, IL, our employee base is comprised of individuals from a multitude of ethnicities, cultures, genders, and overall varying backgrounds. We created the Culture Club as an employee-run and focused organization to ensure that Inventus Power continues to foster an accepting and friendly work environment.

What are some of the initiatives the club has been involved with?

Staci:  Every month we meet to discuss upcoming cultural events, especially those that may not be recognized by general calendars. These events are then added to our “Culture Club Message Board” located near the Human Resources Department for all employees to see. This serves as an educational piece to inform employees of the different cultural events, religious practices, etc. that their fellow employees honor.

Our goal is to raise awareness for events and holidays such as Black History Month, Autism Day, Ramadan, Trans Visibility Awareness Day, Cinco De Mayo, and many more. We want Inventus Power employees of all backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs to feel welcome and heard.

What are your hopes for the Inventus Power Culture Club?

Staci:  We hope to recruit additional members who will bring new ideas on how we can promote one another’s culture in the workplace. As of right now, given current social distancing measures, our in-person activities are limited, but we’re planning on being more involved with site cultural events later in the year. Ultimately, we hope the Inventus Power Culture Club will inspire our employees to share their unique cultures with their colleagues and create a more inclusive environment.

How can others get involved?

Staci:  If any Woodridge employees have questions about the Culture Club or would like to check out one of our monthly meetings, please email me at We’re always eager to welcome new members!

Inventus Power Woodridge, IL Culture Club members