Rechargeable batteries are now extending far beyond providing power for small, portable devices and are expanding their adoption to larger motive and stationary uses. So what does this mean for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries today?

Li WP_380 x 200As we continue to look into 2019 and beyond, there is good news across the rechargeable-battery landscape. The existing markets for these batteries–primarily based on lithium-ion (Li-ion) chemistries – continue to grow rapidly and these energy sources are finding new applications in markets replacing Lead-Acid and/or the electrification of products that previously used internal combustion engines (ICE).

The inherent benefits of Li-ion (high energy density, high capacity, long cycle life, reliable charge performance and low maintenance) make it the preferred choice for applications spanning from portable consumer devices to stationary energy storage and backup systems to motive equipment and vehicles. As this growth demand continues, further improvements and advancements in materials, system design, technology and safety will also need to take place.

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