In the United States, Military Appreciation Month takes place every May. Americans are reminded to recognize those who have served and continue to serve. As a leader in the design and manufacture of battery and power solutions for the military, Inventus Power is proud of our role in supporting those who serve our country. We have many employees with military backgrounds who help us build better power solutions for the warfighter. Read our interview with Wm. Mark Batts, Principal System Engineer - GPS and U.S. Army Veteran, to learn more! 

Inventus Power_Military Appreciation Month_V1As a leader in the Inventus Power military division, how have you leveraged your military experience?

Mark:  My experience in the U.S. Army Reserves gives me insight into how soldiers use their equipment and the different types of environments they operate in. Soldiers are some of the most creative users of any device they have and it is important to consider all of the potential use cases for our products and factor that information into our design and testing. It's my priority to ensure that the power solutions we provide the military are safe, reliable, and mission-critical ready.

How long has Inventus Power supported the military market, and what type of solutions has the company developed?

Mark:  We've been supporting the military market since the early 2000's. The first products were twist-on batteries for handheld radios that we supplied to the radio manufacturers. In 2010, early prototypes of the Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) were presented to soldiers at Ft. Riley during a Limited User Test (LUT) event. This revolutionary, long-lasting battery is safely worn on the soldier, easily fitting into a vest pouch, and is a power source for multiple devices. The CWB was the first product we supplied to the military under our brand and since then, over 100,000 CWBs have been fielded and battle-tested globally. CWB_No Labels

What are some of the benefits of using lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology in military devices?

Mark:  There are many benefits to using Li-ion batteries. For starters, Li-ion has a long cycle life and calendar life.  Because they are rechargeable, the batteries can be used multiple times.  Compared to lead-acid, Li-ion has a higher energy density, but at a lower weight, reducing the weight burden on the soldier. When it comes to powering military applications, you need a battery that provides high performance, and there's no better option today than Li-ion.

Today a soldier needs a multitude of battery-powered devices. What is the importance of a mission-critical power system?

Mark:  Mission-critical systems are about supporting and protecting our soldiers as they carry out their mission. Whether it's calling in fire or medical support, or being in a remote location for multiple days,  a soldier’s life and mission are at risk. They rely on their battery-powered equipment to perform as expected in any situation. My goal is to help provide the most dependable power source for soldiers because reliable power should be the least of their worries.

IP_Vet Logo_FINALHow can Inventus Power continue to support the military?

Mark:  Inventus Power continues to support the military by working closely with military offices to understand the current and future needs of the warfighter. We're helping to expand the power options available to them and innovate our product portfolio to meet their evolving needs. We've also participated in job fairs for veterans and soldiers as they transition back into the workforce after their service and proudly employ several Veterans. Above all else, we're committed to putting the solider front and center as we develop their advanced battery systems.