Inventus Power, a global leader in advanced battery systems, announced today that it has joined NAATBatt International.

NAATBatt is a not-for-profit trade association of companies, associations, and research institutions commercializing advanced electrochemical energy storage technology for emerging, high-tech applications. NAATBatt provides members with market intelligence, greater visibility for their brands and technologies, networking opportunities, and better access to new and emerging technologies.  

Inventus Power is headquartered in the United States and has roots that date back to 1960. With over 60 years of battery engineering and manufacturing experience, the company has a long history of helping customers across a broad range of industries transition to new battery technologies. Today, it has grown to be the largest lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer in North America and is a major global player serving medical, military, commercial, and industrial markets.

"We are delighted to welcome Inventus Power as a platinum member",  stated James Greenberger Executive Director at NAATBatt International. "NAATBatt’s core mission is promoting the commercialization and manufacture of new battery technologies in North America and we know that Inventus Power is a company that shares this interest and is a proponent of more investment into the battery industry supply chain."

“Inventus Power has been actively advocating for industry and government investment into the development of a lithium-ion battery supply chain in the United States, particularly to address areas that may be getting less market attention than EV, such as critical military and medical applications,” stated Chris Turner, CTO at Inventus Power. "We are eager to support NAATBatt in its mission to develop a battery industry ecosystem within North America and look forward to collaborating with its partner companies."

Mr. Turner has been a key delegate for Inventus Power in its efforts to build industry relationships for development of a stronger regional supply chain and he will join the NAATBatt Board to support their efforts. He recently participated in a panel discussion on the The Push of Battery Manufacturing in the US at the Battery Show Digital Days and will be participating in the NAATBatt Annual Conference on February 5-7, 2022. Stay tuned for more details about this event.

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