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Woodridge, IL USA – May 24, 2021 – Inventus Power today announced that it has joined Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q)’s new...

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Inventus Power, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced battery systems for commercial, industrial, medical...

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At Inventus Power we want to ensure that we offer a work environment that welcomes people of all different cultures and...

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Grab a cup of coffee and view the first episode of our new Quick Charge Webinar Series!

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Gleaming floors and spotless surfaces help a business put its best foot forward. While cleaning helps to make everything look...

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Inventus Power is pleased to announce that our manufacturing operations in Woodridge, IL USA and Qingxi, China as well as our...

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When it comes to secure, high-speed data, Edge (or far-edge) and microdata centers offer a smaller, leaner, and more powerful...

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Inventus Power announced today that Daniel Winterton has joined the organization as Chief Financial Officer. Winterton...

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Whether it's the response to government regulations or simply a company's own goal of a decreased carbon footprint, business...

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When it comes to wheelchair applications, sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries have been the dominant rechargeable option mainly...

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