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Until recently, cordless electric yard and garden tools had a limited market specifically for homeowners with smaller yards. To...

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Our 60 year anniversary celebration continues with another staff interview. This week we met with Alvin Lim, Director of Sales &...

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We continue to look back on our 60 years in business with our next staff interview - Brian Sidor, Vice President Global...

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In honor of our 60th anniversary, we're reaching out to our staff to help tell our story. In this interview with Inventus Power's...

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When designing a battery pack for a new device, a common question that engineers may find themselves asking is "Which is the best...

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October 23, 2020

Li-ion Battery Regulations

Our recent Li-ion Battery 101 blogs have focused heavily on safety, and for our last blog of the series “Li-ion Battery...

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In an article written by Anvin Joe Manadan (Sr. Electrical Engineer at Inventus Power) for Power Systems Design, learn about...

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Battery-powered professional cleaning equipment isn’t a new concept. Their traditional corded counterparts held the advantage in...

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