Batteries have become a staple part of human life. Just about anywhere you go, batteries are being used to power devices from cell phones to cars. Despite the proliferation of batteries in our daily lives, many may not know the science behind what makes batteries work or why Lithium-ion (Li-ion) is a preferred choice for so many battery-powered applications. Inventus Power Li-ion Battery 101

At Inventus Power, we pride ourselves on 60 years of battery industry experience and have gained unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of custom and standard Li-ion battery packs. We are excited to launch our new Li-ion Battery 101 Blog Series which will provide a high-level overview of everything you need to know regarding rechargeable batteries and the benefits of Lithium-ion.

Topics will include:

This series is written by our team of highly experienced engineers for expert insight into the battery industry. By the time you have finished reading the entire series, you will have learned the basics of batteries, how to choose the right battery for your application, battery safety, and so much more.  Subscribe to our blog  for more blogs like Li-ion Battery 101, as well as all the latest Inventus Power content and news.